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What Is A Cloud PBX Phone System?


Shopping around for a new business telephone system can be tricky if you are not fluent in telecommunications lingo. Even though some terms often sound more robotic in nature, knowing your PBX’s from your VOIP’s, and Clouds from traditional is easy to grasp with the right guidance.

So, what is a Cloud PBX Phone System? To get you started our team have pieced together the following detail outlining a PBX phone system – complicated jargon left at the door.

What is a Cloud PBX phone system?

Cloud PBX phone systems are one of the new best things for business communications. Thanks to access to higher speed internet and the rollout of NBN, the face of telecommunications will be changed forever (until the next new best thing of course…).

PBX is short for Public Branch Exchange. A PBX is the technology that drives a telephone provider’s proficiency to route calls. The Cloud is a virtual storage facility used for phone systems and more. Combine the two – you have a Cloud PBX phone system.

A PBX phone system is reliant on the internet. You will often find Cloud PBX phone systems also referred to as an internet-based phone system, VOIP telephone system, or hosted phone system.

How does a Cloud PBX phone system change telecommunications for business?

Up to recent times, business phone systems were primarily analogue devices run via in-ground copper cabling. With the NBN rollout in Australia, these copper cables will soon be superseded in their entirety by fibre.

The analogue devices that relied on copper cabling will be replaced by digital telecommunication technology. Analogue phone services will be a thing of the past and more and more businesses will move to internet-based communications.

How is a Cloud PBX phone system run?

Previously PBX phone systems were run on-site. This meant a lot of hardware needed to be installed on-site, usually tucked somewhere behind a cupboard door. The cost to maintain and manage the system was all on the business.

The introduction of Cloud PBX systems has allowed more conveniences and cost savings for businesses. Instead of housing all of the hardware, a Cloud PBX system is hosted off-site by an external provider of your choice. The phone system is managed virtually by this provider which also does away with any of the hardware maintenance costs.

Cloud-based phone systems also make an easy task out of changing your phone system around for new and exiting employees. Scaling the system is as simple as making a call to your provider to add or remove an employee from the account.

Employees who work on the road can also gain access to the phone system anywhere they have internet access. Now you can be contactable almost anywhere at any time over the internet.

PBX phone systems have enhanced the quality of business telecommunications. These systems are fully customisable so you get the best solutions for your individual business requirements.

PBX telephone systems are more than just a new thing – they are the future of business phone systems and they are making a huge impact on productivity.

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