Unlock a Powerful Phone System with MS Teams

blog article unlock a powerful phone system with ms teams

Suppose your business continues to struggle with expensive onsite phone systems and the hefty installation and maintenance costs that come with them. In that case, it might be time to consider switching to cloud phone systems.

MS Teams allows several great features that enable you to communicate and collaborate within your team. And now, you can take it even further to unlock more powerful features through Direct Routing. Direct Routing allows you to communicate and collaborate with people inside and outside your organization. This means you can make and receive telephone and video calls using MS Teams to external landlines and mobile, regardless of location.

Direct Routing’s powerful feature means more flexibility for your business and your team, opening up opportunities to bring in more deals and success.


Here are a few more reasons to switch to MS Teams, made even more powerful with Direct Routing:


Save Money – Continue to lead your business toward success minus the stress of expensive onsite equipment as well as installation and maintenance costs that come with it. You can maximize your communication efforts without breaking the bank with just one software.

We at Prosum also provide a range of affordable plans for you to choose from to suit your business best and the type of services you are looking for.

Simplify IT – Cloud phone systems eliminate the stress of managing your business system by having it all in one user-friendly software. MS Teams boasts a system that is easy to navigate and manage and simple enough for anyone in your team to use.

Besides MS Team’s around-the-clock customer support, Prosum has a 24/7 support team in Australia ready to cater to your queries and concerns and spare you the hassle of troubleshooting.

Stay Connected – Direct Routing in MS Teams reduces the stress of going through multiple apps for your business strategies and ventures, as the platform provides all your communication and collaboration needs in one place. Not only can you make video calls, but you can also make calls to different devices, no matter their location.

Prosum has also partnered with Australia’s tier 1 carriers, such as Vocus and Access4, to provide you with the best quality technology and ensure you and your team can stay connected.

We at Prosum boast our 25+ years of experience and dedicated and experienced professionals to ensure your business is in good hands. Contact Prosum to find out how we can help your business.