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Top 5 Advantages Of A Cloud Telephony System For Your Organisation

Technology has certainly moved on from the days when the office telephone system was a single hard-wired device with a spaghetti-like cord and circular number dial. Nowadays, a lot of business phone systems operate with the help of the internet and integrated automated answering services.

Today I’ll share with you some of the benefits of a cloud-based office phone system.

Unlike non-cloud based systems, the only hardware that is required to set up the system is an IP phone. Everything else is done on the other end via your service provider who houses all of the technology required to run your system. No more phone technicians having to get access to your office phone closest – it’s all in the cloud.

Here are five advantages to a cloud-based phone system for businesses

  1. Cloud-based phone systems offer quick access to any new features and updates, as the system is driven by a computer with direct access to the internet.
  2. Cloud-based phone systems allow you to interact with your valued clients and customers from wherever you like, on whatever phone you like.
  3. Call forwarding, and the ability to add or change other features to your phone is done via your control panel, instead of waiting for a technician to make their way to your office. Access to your control panel is available anytime from anywhere.
  4. Traditional phone systems can often be a lot more expensive to buy and configure. Therefore, a cloud-based system in most cases offers a more cost-effective solution to businesses.
  5. Cloud-based phone systems offer detailed reporting features like call monitoring, recording of calls, and call reporting. These features can prove especially beneficial if you need to keep up with staff who work from different locations.

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