NEC phone systems, service & support

Prosum Are Specialists In NEC Phone Systems, Service & Support For Your Organisation.

We have the skills and capacity to install, service and support NEC phone systems and to keep your operations running smoothly.

Prosum’s experience in tailoring an NEC phone system to your unique business requirements is what sets us apart. We are an NEC Channel partner and have 20+ years of experience in designing, servicing and maintaining the best end-to-end NEC solutions for organisations of all sizes.

We provide specialty support and installation of existing and new NEC phone systems

  • Old legacy phone systems
  • Large PBX phone systems
  • SV8100, SV8300, SV8500 series PBX/phone system
  • SV9100, SV9300, SV9500 series PBX/phone system
  • Key phone systems
  • SL1100 series PBX/phone system
  • SL2100 series PBX/phone system

NEC Phone System Services

  • Expansions, relocations, upgrades & programming
  • Remote system moves, adds & changes
  • Phone system repairs, outages & faults
  • Remote or onsite technical support
  • NBN phone system configuration

NEC Handsets & Spare Parts Sales

  • Digital handsets – DT300, DT400, SL1100
  • IP handsets – DT700, DT800, SL1100
  • Analogue, DECT & Cordless handsets
  • Corded & wireless compatible headsets
  • Hand pieces, curly cords, label inserts, power packs
  • Need An NEC System Specialist? For End-to-end NEC Phone System Solutions Call In The Experts.

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Why Prosum?

Our Specialists Are The Difference

NEC_Advanced_Partner_Advantage_logoAll our in-house support technicians are NEC certified and specialise in NEC phone systems for organisations of all sizes. Our expert, dedicated people can fix any issues quickly and efficiently to keep your organisation on track.

NEC Phone system sales, service & support

We're Experts At What We Do

  • We deliver with minimal disruption & downtime.
  • 20+ years of experience.
  • NEC Channel Partner.
  • In-house certified NEC technicians.
  • Large systems specialists.

We're Affordable

  • Easy pay-as-you-need-us support – no contracts, no commitments.
  • Or, tailored support & maintenance plan to protect your business and provide peace of mind.

We're Always Ready To Help

  • Businesses of all sizes.
  • Across all industries.
  • Metro & regional areas.
  • Australia wide.

What our clients say

  • We needed an experienced ICT provider that could implement a new telephony solution without affecting existing telephony services and business operations. After reviewing other providers, we selected PROSUM who was able to successfully migrate all our users onto the new NEC platform and complete the project in a timely manner. PROSUM continue to provide support for our NEC Telephony and Contact Centre environment and I would recommend their services to other organisations and enterprises.


Get your phone system running smoothly with Prosum’s specialist NEC phone system support.

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