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Connect Your On-site PBX to Prosum’s SIP Trunks for as Little as $15/month.

View our plans and pricing below.

Your smartest business choice is to save money with Prosum’s SIP Trunking plans & LOW call rates when you switch to SIP for your business communication needs.

SIP Trunking replaces traditional PSTN/ISDN phone lines reducing line rental fees and call charges, therefore saving you a fortune in ongoing costs.

Not only do they integrate with a wide range of onsite PBX systems, but SIP trunks are also easily scalable, so it grows along with your business.

SIP Trunking Capabilities

  • Reduce communication costs.
  • Keep & extend the life of your current PBX system.
  • Receive calls over your internet or NBN service.
  • Enjoy excellent call quality.
  • Keep your existing number for convenience.
  • Add virtual phone lines to your PBX to handle additional calls quickly & easily.
  • See How Much Your Business Could be Saving when you switch to SIP Trunks.

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SIP trunking plans & pricing

Plan 1

Pay-As-You-Go SIP Trunks

With Prosum’s Pay-as-you-go Plan, you pay a small monthly hosting fee, and you also pay for the calls you make every month within Australia using our LOW call rates with per second billing.

(All pricing is ex. GST)

5 SIP Lines – $15.00/mo

10 SIP Lines – $30.00/mo

20 SIP Lines –  $60.00/mo

30 SIP Lines – $90.00/mo

Business Call Rates

  • Local Calls – $0.10 per call
  • National Calls – $0.05 per minute
  • Fixed to Mobile – $0.13 per minute
  • 13/1300 Outbound – $0.30 per call


  • DID Numbers – $0.39 per number, per month
  • Number Porting – $195.00 once-off cost

Plan 2

Unlimited Calling SIP Trunks

With Prosum’s unlimited call plan, you pay a monthly hosting fee, but you can make UNLIMITED calls to local, national & mobiles within Australia.

(All pricing is ex. GST)

5 SIP Lines – $265.00/mo

10 SIP Lines – $530.00/mo

20 SIP Lines – $1060.00/mo

30 SIP Lines – $1590.00/mo


  • Unlimited Calls to Local, National and calls to Mobiles within Australia.


  • DID Numbers – $0.39 per number, per month
  • Number Porting – $195.00 once-off cost

Get Started

1. Start Your SIP Trunk Order

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2. Need a custom plan or not sure what’s right for you?

We’re here to help! Contact us online describing your enquiry, or call our friendly team on 1800 007 229 to discuss your needs.

Sip trunksIs your business ready for the ISDN shutdown?

As the NBN rolls out, traditional ISDN landline services will be shutting down entirely over the next five years, with disconnections commencing in June 2019. Is your business ready?

Migrating to SIP trunking now will undoubtedly bring you immediate business benefits. Firstly, your business will save a fortune in ongoing line rental & call costs. Secondly and most importantly, you’ll avoid the risk of downtime and having your phone system disconnected.

Call us now on 1800 007 229 to see how SIP trunking will work for you.


Why Choose Prosum?

  • Competitive Pricing – We offer better call rates than most carriers.
  • No Contracts – You are not locked in, and of course, you can cancel your plan at any time.
  • No Hidden Fees – There are no hidden charges; we provide just a flat fee for service.
  • Australian Service Provider – Our local and highly experienced team based in Melbourne, provide Australian businesses with national coverage.
  • Superior Support – Without a doubt, we give you personalised, local support, 24/7.
  • Highly Reliable Service – Our sip service is delivered over our highly reliable network built around multiple BroadSoft voice clusters each with redundant voice paths. With this level of redundancy, Prosum can provide a 99.99% SLA on our SIP Trunks and UC services.

Our SIP Trunks can register over NBN or an internet connection. However, for guaranteed voice quality, we recommend provisioning the SIP Trunks over Prosum’s secure **access tail. Therefore, we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss a solution that suits your requirements.

**Managed Cisco router is required for private access tail.