PROSUM Dark Fibre

Create Your Own fast, secure and private Network

No Costly Fibre Infrastructure

Access To On-going Network Growth

Full Control Of Your Fibre-optic Network

Use The Technology Of Your Choice

PROSUM Dark Fibre is a fibre-optic point to point solution that allows you to create your own network, without the expense of investing in your own fibre-optic infrastructure.

With our Dark Fibre you’ll have access to on-going network growth, can use the technology of your choice, plus you’ll have full control of your fibre-optic network. PROSUM Dark Fibre is an optimum solution for high-speed data applications and is available throughout Australia, giving you options for geographic diversity.

Why choose PROSUM Dark Fibre?

Extensive Fibre-Optic Coverage

With over 4,000 kilometres of fibre-optic network across Australia, PROSUM Dark Fibre is available nationally in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney.

You have full control

Once you’re connected, you choose what equipment to use and how and when to connect it. You decide the transmission technology, protocols and bandwidth to use.


We have options available for Dual or Single Core, so you can take advantage of new technologies and reduce your costs.

Private and secure

Allocated fibre is dedicated, providing separation from other services – so anything that traverses your network is 100% private and safe.

Network Overview

How it works



PROSUM’s optical fibre network is based on Corning’s single mode fibre technology which is a full-spectrum optical fibre. This fibre is compliant to the following standards: ITU-T G.652 table D and ITU-T G.657.


To find out more about our Dark Fibre service, contact us or call 1800 007 229.



A private and secure link that allows you to connect your offices, from almost anywhere in Australia.

PROSUM Ethernet

PROSUM Ethernet

High speed network connectivity allowing you to easily link multiple office locations into a single network.

Network Design Infrastructure

Network Design Infrastructure

We’ll help you with everything you need to set up your network offices, including switches, routers, Wi-Fi and access points.