IP Call Recording

Improve Service and Productivity

Are you looking to improve your customer service, observe business processes or better manage risk and compliance?

IP Call Recording could be the easy and affordable solution you’ve been looking for.

Prosum can integrate a scalable, customised IP Call Recording and Monitoring system for your business that easily fits into your existing IT infrastructure and records all your real time communications. Our integration flexibility extends to NEC, Cisco, Skype for Business telephony environments allowing you to extend the life of your existing investment and get more out of the solutions you already have in place.

How IP Call Recording can help your business

  • Improve service and security

    Monitor your communications for enhanced security, service improvements and ensure compliance. It captures the entire interaction, recording both the voice and screen activity of the operator anywhere within your business – from reception to the finance team, helpdesk to the contact centre.

  • Evaluation made easy

    Measure the performance of your team and the satisfaction of your customers. This includes monitoring of calls for coaching purposes and after call surveys for customers to provide direct feedback. This information gives you a clear picture of customer satisfaction and enables you to track and improve your performance over time.

  • Virtual speech coach

    Real-time speech analytics can help coach your team to respond correctly to customers in any situation. This builds strong relationships, increases satisfaction, and maximises business opportunities.

  • Optimise your workforce

    Accurately forecast call volumes and measure performance. This enables you to get the balance right, and have the correct number of staff on hand to deliver consistent, high-quality customer experiences.

Ready to get started?

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