Sip Trunks

See How Much Your Business Could Be Saving When You Switch to SIP

  • Reduce your business call costs.
  • Keep your existing phone numbers.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easily scalable to match your business growth.

Your smartest business choice is to save money with Prosum’s SIP trunk plans and call rates when you switch to SIP for your business communication needs.

SIP Trunks lets you use video conferencing, instant messaging, and even share documents over your existing VoIP system.

It integrates with a wide range of IP-PBX systems and is easily scalable, so it grows along with your business.

Sip Trunking replaces traditional PSTN/ISDN line rental fees and call charges, saving you a fortune in ongoing costs.

Benefits of SIP Trunks for your Business

  • Eliminates or reduces line rental and call costs.
  • Keeps your current number for convenience.
  • Easily grows with your company.
  • Integrates with your current IP-PBX system.
  • Free calls between offices on the same set-up.
  • 24/7 support Australia-wide.

Who is it for?

Any business looking for smarter, more flexible and reliable business call solutions.

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  • Switch to SIP and Save. See How Much Your Business Could be Saving when you switch to SIP.

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Why choose Prosum for SIP Trunks?

  • Competitive pricing – We offer very flexible pricing on SIP trunk plans and call rates.
  • No contracts – You are not locked in and can cancel your plan at any time.
  • Superior service – Our highly experienced team offers you tailored support.
  • Reliability – Our network has 99.9% uptime on calls.
  • High call quality – No more crackles or distortions on your calls.
  • Local support team – Our support team is Australian-based and available 24/7.

At Prosum we offer the flexibility with two plans;

  • Unlimited Call Plan: You pay a monthly hosting fee but you can make unlimited local, national and calls to mobiles within Australia.
  • Monthly Pay-as-you-go Plan: You pay a smaller monthly hosting fee, but you pay for all calls you make – local, national and calls to mobiles within Australia every month.

With 20+ years of experience, no one knows technology and communication like PROSUM.

  • We provide metro and regional support Australia wide.
  • We help businesses of all sizes.
  • All industries.

Our competitive SIP trunks are a sound communication solution for your business.

Call us now on 1800 007 229 to see how SIP trunking will work for you.