Electric Vehicle Charger

We install Electric Vehicle Wall chargers

If you’re looking for help with installing an electric vehicle wall charger, Prosum is here to assist you. As an installer of electric vehicle wall chargers from leading brands, we understand the importance of reliable and efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles.

With over 25 years of experience as a registered and certified electrical contractor, our team of experts are equipped to provide site assessments and installation quotes for your electric vehicle charging needs. We are committed to providing professional and dependable installation services to ensure that your charging requirements are met.

Contact us today for a site assessment and installation quote for your electric vehicle wall charger. We’re dedicated to helping you with your electric vehicle charging needs.

Why Prosum for Electric Vehicle Charger?

Registered Electrical
Contractor - Rec - 14886
25+ Years of Experience.
Obligation Free Quotes.
Local and reliable.