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Prosum is a leading provider of Enghouse (EICC) Contact Centres

Enghouse Contact Centres

We’ve partnered with Enghouse to provide the best Enghouse on-premises Contact Centre solutions. We help Australian businesses of all sizes, throughout Melbourne and Australia-wide improve their customer service and contact centre operations.

We’re an Enghouse Interactive Gold partner with 20+ years of experience designing, servicing, and maintaining the best end-to-end solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and experience means that we can tailor a solution to your exact business requirements.

Our Services include:

  • New Contact Centre installations.
  • Overlaying additional functionality to existing Enghouse voice-only Contact Centres – SMS, Email, Web, Social Media & Chat.
  • Resolving Touchpoint, Touchpoint Console, QMS issues.
  • Phone and help desk support.
  • Tailored business maintenance plans.
  • Staff training.

Enghouse Contact Centre at a glance

Prosum understands that your contact centre is the heart of your business. It provides you with opportunities to differentiate your service, as well as gain feedback and build customer loyalty. And, with increased demands from customers, you need a contact centre that enables you to respond to customers quickly and efficiently –  from any channel, at any time. Our recommended solution ensures your business of successful and effortless interactions, whatever your size, requirements and budget.

Makes customer service easy for agents by giving them the tools they need to be more helpful, more efficient and more motivated.

  • Resolve more calls in less time and increasing productivity
  • Offer your customers their choice of communication method.
  • Ensure customer service is consistent across all channels.
  • Reduce abandonment rates, queues and call times by offering a Callback.
  • Reduce agent attrition by providing the tools they need to achieve targets.
  • Minimise agent stress and expand their capabilities.
  • Optimise staff resources with comprehensive reporting & automation of repetitive processes.
  • Improve customer satisfaction through real-time interaction monitoring and coaching.
  • Achieve superior first contact resolution through intelligent skills-based routing.

A Scalable and Modular Solution

Prosum’s recommended Enghouse solution is an all-in-one multimedia contact centre.

Comprising of multi-channel contact centre, operator attendant console, IVR, call recording, quality monitoring, and a range of additional components and integration tools, you can add functionality as requirements and budget dictate.

Multi-Channel Contact Centre

Equip your business to manage voice, email, webchat, SMS, video and social media efficiently. Customers love it when you can accommodate their preferred communication channel.


Receptionist & Call Handling

Give your customers a VIP service by quickly and efficiently managing and dispatching interactions to the right person, department, location or company.


Empower your customers to self-service for simple issues such as password resets, bill payment or directory assistance without the need for live assistance.

Quality & Control

Continuously monitor and improve customer service, resolve disputes, achieve regulatory compliance, accelerate employee training and increase workplace productivity and security.

Why Partner with Prosum?

We’re Experts At What We Do

  • Enghouse Gold partner.
  • 20+ Years of experience.
  • In-house skilled & certified Enghouse Engineers.

We’re Flexible & Affordable

  • End-to-end Contact Centre solutions.
  • Tailored to your needs and budget.

We’re always ready to help

  • Businesses of all sizes, across all industries.
  • Metro & regional areas, Australia wide.

Not sure if we’re the right fit for your business?

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What our clients have to say

  • We are constantly looking to continuously improve the way we do business and service our customers and distributors within our customer service operations. This is why we selected PROSUM as our telephony and contact centre provider. Their experience means we have a provider we can rely on to provide and maintain our telephony and contact centre environment.