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How To Find the Best Call Centre Phone System

How To Find the Best Call Centre Phone System

Call centres vary in size from small to extremely large, however, no matter the size all call centres require a good telecommunication system to keep up with the demand of incoming and outgoing calls.

As well as a business phone system that can keep up with call centre staff, often businesses also require additional facilities for other support staff within the company.

So, how do you know what call centre phone system will work best for your business?

There are several factors that you need to take into account when accessing which office phone system is best for you. Below, we have listed some of these considerations to help you get started on making a self-assessment for your business.

Size of your business

Your office telephone system will obviously need to cater for all of your staff and the associated volume of calls for them; whether those be on-site staff or those who travel for work requirements, such as sales and business development teams. Think about your potential growth over the coming years as this too will provide an insight into how many telephone lines you require to run your business for maximum productivity now and into the near future.

Your call centre’s main purpose

Is your call centre’s primary purpose for incoming or outgoing calls, or do you cater for both incoming and outgoing on an equal par? Determining this could give you a good leg up for choosing the best telephone system to cater for your businesses primary purpose.

Phone features

What are you looking for in a business telephone system? What are the core functions that you need to have and what features can you put down as nice-to-haves? It’s important to establish exactly what you need and want your phone system to achieve before diving in head-first and getting yourself carried away with the wonders and temptations of the various phone technologies available. A call centre should ensure the basics are covered with features like call routing, automated messaging, and predictive dialling to name just a few.

Customer service

One of the main responsibilities for a call centre is to ensure that your callers and customers are enjoying your telephone system just as much as your staff. A good call centre phone system will help to offer a first-class customer experience and great service with speedy call connections, premium quality sound, and no lengthy waiting times!

Business location

Where are most of your staff located? Do you have teams located on-site in the same bricks and mortar building, do they operate remotely and on the road, or are they stationed in flexible home offices or co-working spaces around the country? Various business phone systems, like a VOIP telephone system for example, can address this with the ability to connect staff remotely and offer many of the features of a standard telephone line and then some. Check out our articles on VOIP telephone systems for more information about their benefits in depth.


Like all things, the best telephone system for your business call centre may also come down to how much you can afford to spend. Remember that often you get what you pay for and you can’t expect to get gold on a steel budget.

The above pointers may help you start to consider what it is that you need from your call centre telephone system, but once you have taken a few notes, the best way forward is to give our expert team a call. Our team are highly-skilled in delivering the best business phone systems to suit any office arrangement.

To ensure you have all your bases covered, get in touch with our team online or give us a call on 1800 007 229 or visit we’d love to hear from you.

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